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Movie description: After striking out in four different bars i decided to call it a day. I figured i'd recharge my batteries and begin fresh the next day. I said ficus i was gonna stop at this porn store my buddy owns to get some reading material. Ficus knew the pickings for the day were slim and this lad was basically stuck intend to the porn store with me until we got back to my place and that guy would be able to jump into his own car and head home. While we were goofing around and trying to receive some masturbation fodder, ficus saw Rhiannon shopping for a vibrator. She had a great rack and i told him right away that this babe was not looking for a sex tool but waiting for some poor schlub hard up and desperate for some snatch to make his day. I decided to be that schlub and get me some last minute vagina before my whole day was discharged. I moved in and previous to i knew it she was sucking my pecker right there on the sales floor. My buddy did not mind locking up the commercial center for an hour or so one bit coz he knew i would eventually put this hottie on one of my dvds which he sells there anyway. Sometimes it just all works out. I am starting to think this milfhunter thing is my true destiny.

Pornstar: Rhiannon Alize