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Movie description: I was on the hunt, but for a gym set this time. My partner in crime, ash, was tagging along and documenting everything as usual. The first couple sets we checked out were worthwhile-looking much useless and then we met up with crrystal. Her set was in great shape although it had been used a little. Oh yep, the gym set was in charming priceless condition too. That guy-he! That sweetheart was selling it 'because she wanted to get rid of everything that reminded her of her estranged hubby. She wanted $800 which was way out of my price range so i turned on the charm and tried to work my way down to something much more affordable. She was willing to give it to me for $200 as long as i serviced her a little. She was hard up after so many lonely nights and heartache and i was just the guy to help her acquire throughout such a tough time. What a phenomenal bargain she was. Some mommy butt and a great gym set just in time to work off those yuletide pounds.

Pornstar: Crystal