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Movie description: Allie was hard at it trying to actually slavemaster her instrument during the time that her hard a-aperture piano instructor was breathing down her neck. No matter what that honey did, this babe just could not get this one part right and that frustrated the hell out of her teacher. She made the grave mistake of talking back and giving her teacher Tanya some attitude. In a fit of stress and rage she grabbed Allie and started to spank her on her exposed wazoo. Tanya had charming much had enough of all the smart alec comments and continued to discipline her. Little did she know Allie actually liked the rough horseplay and when Tanya noticed they both decided to step it up. Tanya decided she can train her how to use her fingers using other, greater amount interesting methods. As Allie was eating out her teacher, her boyfriend logan stormed in on them and blackmailed 'em the one and the other into letting him join in on the festivities.