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Movie description: Rikki was waiting for her boyfriend, logan, to bring her, her homework that that guy did for her. Rikki was going shopping so this babe said her step mother i'd like to fuck, Nikita, to make sure he puts her homework on the counter when he came over. One time logan came by, Nikita asked him why he was being such a cum-hole and told him to be a stud. She told him she was gonna show him smth and put his hands on her biggest breasts. He began sucking on these jugs and she told him to acquire on his knees to munch on her cute pussy. Rikki came home and caught her boyfriend, logan, eating her step milfs pussy. He didn't know what to say, but Nikita told him to be a man. Logan stood up for himself and told her he can do what he wants and is tired of her taking advantage of him. She did not know what to say. Her step mom, Nikita, told him to bow Rikki over and fuck her right there in the kitchen. He pulled down Rikkis panties and pants and starting munching on her asshole. Nikita likewise stuck her tongue in Rikkis wazoo. They went to the living room and sucked and screwed his knob. He glazed his man juice all over Rikkis glamorous face.