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Movie description: Nicolle is wadding around the pool in brazil. This babe positions for some shots against the nice-looking surroundings of the pool. She shows off her giant mambos that barely fit in her costume and her luxurious, as ok. As she moves into the shallow end she pulls her suit up, giving herself a vedgie and makes a precious cameltoe. This gets Nicolle juicy and she needs a wang to fill her urges. I tell myfriendwhat this angel wants and that guy doesnt seem to have a problem as he moves to the ladder leading without the pool. As Nicolle climbs the ladder she comes face to face with the bulge in my allies panties. She can not await to put it her throat. They move to a beach chair and Nicolle is so willing that she jumps right in and starts fucking out of removing her suit. Eventually she gets what she truly wants, that hard rod in her arse and a faceful of cum.