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Movie description: Levi always gets stuck doing favors for all his buddies who have businesses of their own. I always ask him why this guy bothers with all these odd jobs and explained to me how it allows him a chance to hunt for milfs in all those little known places. When that guy told me it was a cigar store this time, i thought he had finally gone bat shit avid. I would have sworn he was gonna come up short with this latest cigar commercial center caper and just resolved myself to the fact we could hang out, swallow, shoot out some pool and smoke some cubans. Minutes turned to hours and hours turned to days, but on the third day, Shawnie came in to have a gulp and relax after quitting her job. We thought this chick would be depressed about it, but she was ecstatic. She had taken the job just to entertain herself and live off her largest alimony but the boss got a little grabby with a bunch of inappropriate touching so she slapped the living shit out of him and quit. Shawnie started flirting with levi nearly immediately. I guess she went into that shop to find some favourable boy and make his day. Levi happened to be this boy once he turned on the charm and had his way with her. With a valuable rack, great arse and an appetite for jock that can't be satiated, Shawnie was one smoking mommy!

Pornstar: Shawnie Austin